Where was God, when my Son Died of an Overdose?

My son, was alone when he died.

This fact haunts me.

His friend, “asleep” in the next room, unaware, did not wake up in time help my son. There was no one else around, just the two of them.

With angry, mournful cries, my question stands:

Where was God, when my son died of an overdose?

It had been a self-medicating night of weed, alcohol, and cocaine. Pizza, laughs and companionship, leading to a late night taste of heroin. One high falling to a lull, after the next high falling to a lull, and on it went.

Why heroin?

It was not his drug of choice; He told me several times, “I will never do that mom, I am not that stupid.” All I can assume is that he was not in any right-frame-of-mind and therefore did not realize what he was doing; he had no idea that the heroin was laced with fentanyl.

ikvk6228.jpgHe just bought new sneakers one week before, a prideful accomplishment on his part; he sent me this photo saying, “I got a good deal , mom, $10 bucks off!.” He recently picked out his meal choice for his brother’s upcoming wedding, “beef” of course, we all knew he’d choose that.  Earlier that week, he made plans to go to the gym with another brother to get back in shape. Just four days before, he wept with a sober friend, confessing he had relapsed and knew he was in trouble and was afraid. I believe he finally got to the point of realizing for himself that he had a problem and needed help.

My son did not intend for his life to end on that terrible night.

So, where was God when he pulled out the heroin packets? Why didn’t God awaken the friend sooner?

As my son began to lose his capacity to breathe, did he know it? When the oxygen level was cut off, and his heart slowed to a stop, could my son comprehend what was happening? Did he cry out for help, inside? Did God hear him?

Here’s what I believe:

I believe that God was with my son the whole time, weeping over his choices perhaps, but loving him through it all. If comfort and assurance was needed as my son was in that flash-of-a-moment, realizing he was dying… I know that God gave comfort. When faced with stuff too hard to do alone,

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:8a. 

I often told my son this.

I believe, that God held his heart, til it’s last beat and cradled his soul with his last exhale, hugging him into heaven. God is a God of compassion and of mercy and He knew even more than we,  how much my son needed to be rescued. And rescue, God did. My son was rescued from ten years of mental anguish, inner turmoil, two years of addiction, and all the fall out that crippled life for him; he suffers no more.

I often think: what was ahead that God spared him from? … the unseen future that only God sees. Because of His sovereignty, I choose to trust that what God allowed was the best for my son; in this trust, my anger dissipates. Though I still weep mournful tears and my arms ache to wrap my arms around my son, I know that God did not fail him, or me.

Currently my son has no need of sneakers, beef, or the gym; Instead, my son enjoys the fullness of peace with God.

If you wonder where God is in your battle, be assured, He is with you because He never leaves us, or forsakes us.

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I am a daughter of the Most High King, just following and being willing to be used by Him!

129 thoughts on “Where was God, when my Son Died of an Overdose?”

    1. Yes, the fact God is with us and with our children , does not take away the sadness or the pain… it only gives us comfort to know that our children are with Him and at peace. Yet, the Lord will sustain us in every way needed so that we may continue on in life and be a blessing to others, in His love.


    1. Oh the pain! I am sorry for this tragedy. God will comfort and will bless those children and He knows all our wounds…He is able to do what seems unimaginable ❤


    1. Yes, and thank you, and I am sorry for you loss too, but so happy that you also have faith to carry on with life knowing that God has your heart in his hands as well to love you and sustain you through this terribleness.


      1. My son has been battling heroin addiction for 9 years. It’s been an awful struggle for him & us (his family). In & out of treatment. Overdoses so many times. Infections from using the needle. Exploratory surgery that cut him from breast bone to belly button. Feeding tubes, pick lines. It’s been a fight. Steals, lies & stories & excuses. I ‘ve done everything I feel i can possibly do…I’ve put it in God’s hands. I pray for the best. He’s my 1st born son & I would give my life for him to stop using. I love him so much. He’s my whole world.😢😢😢


  1. Yes ma’am this story is my faith. My son overdosed on his 27 birthday. Coming up on two years I have believe this so I can go on. My son overdosed on Fentanyl. I took off one month kick cried prayed then choice came go to work and face life or go be with my son. My faith carries me


  2. God Bless you. I lost my 26 yr old nephew on Christmas Eve 2016. Your sons story sound identical to Chases. My nephew was like my very own child. He was the first child grandchild, nephew, cousin. & he was absolutely beautiful inside & out. My heart will never be the same. However, I do know God took your son, as he did Chase into his loving arms & took them to paradise.


  3. If it is any source of comfort at all, your sol was likely not scared or even aware of what was happening. Having experience myself, and in also saving others from it, the overdose is not traumatic until you have been revived.
    He just went to sleep.

    As a heroin addict, and as a mother who’s worst fear is that for my own children, and who regrets what I have put my own mother through, know that he loved you and wanted to make you proud. Addiction doesn’t care how much you love your family, if it did none of us would be there. EVERY SINGLE TIME he ever said he wanted to change, or was trying to change, he meant it. And more than anything he wanted to be for you, so desperately, what he could not.

    I’m so sorry you have lost your son, I continue my fight every day for him, and all the others gone too soon.


    1. This really hit my heart. I know my son wants to get off heroin. It’s too overpowering. I see the struggle he goes threw…i know the fight he gives. It’s just too much. I would give anything to see him kick heroins ass. 😢


  4. Thank you for writing your blog. It captured my exact feelings. I am so grateful for having God in my life and a deep faith. I recently

    posted this on my Facebook page: A mother on a mission from God: Substance abuse disorder, #heroinaddiction #opioidcrisis is not a moral failing, it is a brain disorder. It can happen to anyone, there are no boundaries. People that abuse drugs like heroin face two outcomes: death or sobriety. There is no in-between. Their are no casual heroin users. My son struggled for many years, he came close to death several times and finally lost his life June 15, 2018.

    Bad decisions or weak will, do not explain this disease. We must change policies and medical practices to support ppl w the addiction, help others resist it, support prevention and expose fewer ppl to the addictive substance. We must find solutions like Medical Assisted Therapy (MAP) and more. Jail is not the solution. We also need treatment programs that provide #help #hope #support. Ppl who suffer need care in the same way ppl w/ diabetes, heart disease or cancer do. They need compassionate care, love and support. #BeautifulBoy movie may help bring light to this.

    Addiction can happen to your loved ones, your friends, coworkers or even yourself. There are NO boundaries.
    For those that knew my son Bud, they know this is true.

    Families need help and support too, like the type of support I received from my sisters and family, Serenity House Counseling Services, Inc. Rae Ann Marquez David Naylor Bridgeway Recovery Services in Austin, TX -just to name a few. The support helps makes life bearable and hopeful.
    Faith-based support like Parkview Christian Church (New Lenox Campus) and Stephen Ministries and Robin Webb were lifechanging, lifegiving, lifemaking. Their support provided #hope #truth #life. Their support provided #love and acceptance. Their support provided me an ear to listen, people to lean on and a voice for me to tell our story. Their support was a real MIRACLE.

    While my son didn’t make it, by the grace of God I’m optimistic we are on a path to #recovery for others. #facingaddiction. The Surgeon General of the United States has made this a top priority-we can do this. we can help http://www.surgeongeneral.gov #endoverdose #stopthestigma

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  5. My son, MATT died on 1/27/2015 at 26. I have always felt God took him home because he told me many times during his 3 years of sobriety that he hated himself when he used. I feel this relapse would have devastated him so God decided he needed his infectious smile and magical laughter in heaven.


  6. One church leader said “In the eternities, we will not be defined by these kind of mistakes, because of the power of Christ’s atonement.”


  7. December 13, 2018 my bby brother Michael passed away from an over dose of heroin that was laced also. He was at my moms house where he lived. He was 34 years old. He just turned 34 7 days before he died. My brother had never talked about killing himself. I know in my heart he sis not die alone. I truly believe god was with him. There is a 13 year difference between me and him and his twin sister… When he died apart of me died with him. I pray for every mother, sister, brother, daddy that this terrible drug affects. God bless u all.


    1. I hear your pain and know it as well… even still, God is good and He is with our loved ones even in these tragedies… May God fill you with His peace and comfort you on the days that are hard – cuz even though we know the mercy of God, we are human and still suffer the hard days. God bless you Tanzy.


  8. Hate me if you must, but this is a bunch of bullshit made up to give people something, anything to believe that their loved ones are still around waiting at the pearly gates. You die there is no more. They go to sleep forever. I can not and will not believe in make believe just so I can ease the pain and go about life believing we will be together again. The hard true is I was robbed of my handsome, kindhearted baby by heartless so called friends that watched as he died and did nothing. A police force that swept it under the carpet due to the stigma, a government that allows it to happen. I refuse to lie to myself to feel better. Laws need to be made, everyone involved held responsible. Period!


    1. I do not hate you. I am sorry for your loss and I know your pain.
      Each one has a choice to believe what they chose to believe; I choose to believe in the God who made both heaven and earth and I believe that His Word is truth. Therefore I write from a heart that has been filled with hope and I try to share that hope with others so that they can experience the peace I have.
      Your response begs the questions, then – Why are we here? How did we get here? Is there any power greater than ourselves? and finally, What’s the point of our lives if there is nothing beyond besides death?
      I leave you with these questions and am open for more conversation if you choose.
      I am sorry again for your pain and suffering.


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