Time to Praise GOD in this Pandemic


Does this seem like an oxymoron, to have Praise and Pandemic in the same sentence? It seems like it doesn’t make sense, right?

I thought the same way during other trials I have endured, like stage 3Acancer. Yet, I reached a point one day where I actually thanked God for my cancer and praised Him for His all knowing, all present, all powerful presence. Trials and difficult times do not take away from God’s character or the fact that He is still an active, working, living God. Bad things do happen to good people. I know. Yet, God is still good.

How can we praise the Lord in this pandemic?

Let me start the list:

Praise Him for….

The committed doctors and scientists and people who God has given incredibly smart brains to navigate the insides & outsides of this virus, Covid19; pray for their wisdom to figure a remedy in a timely way.

The dedicated and brave, doctors, nurses, and all medical staff, and those who sustain the hospitals functioning, who are enduring under emotions and stress that they have never experienced before and yet they go to work to help people who are suffering from this virus; pray for their safety and stamina and families.

The selfless heroes we take for granted: the first responders from police and fire and emergency bases who come running on demand 24/7, into unknown circumstances, to care for those who are sick and need help; pray for their protection.

The government agencies and other business owners at large who are helping to set up extra hospital beds/units, and make equipment and supplies that are desperately needed; pray that they have ample resources to do what they set out to do, and energy to do it.

The usually unnoticed workers who are sustaining the “essential” stores to keep us fed and doing what is essential to our daily lives; pray for their protection too.

The leaders in our churches who are shepherding our souls as we humans fear, like humans do; pray for their wisdom to speak Truth in these troubling times.

The neighbors and people in our communities stepping out of their comfort zones and doing kind things; pray for their compassion to keep overriding their own fears.

And more… who is helping you? who is your support? Praise God for them! God is allowing all these people to do good for our benefit, individually and collectively.

Praise Him directly for ….

His unchanging character – He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; we can count on Him.

His commitment to us – He never leaves us or forsakes us; we can count on Him.

His power – He reigns over everything we can see and everything we cannot see – there’s nothing He cannot do; we can count on Him.

His omniscience – He knows it all; we can count on Him.

His sacrifice – He opened the gates of heaven for us – He is victorious over death; we can count on Him.

And more… God reveals Himself in the midst of hard times; we can always count on Him.

During my time of cancer, when I felt death was looming, I never felt closer to God; maybe he is beckoning us to come close to Him now? He desires sweet fellowship with each of us and I have witnessed His abundant provision during unthinkable times… like the sudden death of my son to overdose, and birthing a stillborn. Yes, bad things happen to good people; I am not stranger to loss and pain and suffering, and yet, my God, the Lord Jesus Christ has carried me every single time through every single danger and challenge.

He will do the same for you, readers.

It IS time to praise Him in this Pandemic.