How to Win the Battle!

When the Battle is too long, we can lose.

We can lose our perspective.

We can lose our motivation.

We can lose our purpose.

It will be four years, this May 27th, that my son lost his battle with addiction, and we lost our son because he accidently overdosed and died. I confess there were many times during these painful trials that I lost perspective, motivation, and purpose.

During the fight and the pain of it all, the struggle for right perspective rages. What is right perspective when we go through rough times? It is not survival. It is focus. When we look only to the troubles and nothing else, we can lose and feel decimated in a sense; we become embroiled and overwhelmed because we lose sight of our most powerful weapon. Our most powerful weapon is faith in Jesus. All of our battles are spiritual; and these battles belong to the Lord. We need to pray and give it all to Jesus; engage in the fight with the power of prayer.

At the beginning of the struggles, we have plenty of energy, stamina, and fortitude. As time goes on, and on, and on, we are at risk of losing our motivation. Doubts run rampant in our every thought. We grow weary of doing good, no matter what we try. We grow weary of doing what is necessary. Our motivation wanes and lethargy and depression set in and soon we are good for not much. Why? Because we lose our focus. Where does our help come from? It comes from the Lord. So, we need to pray and give it all to Jesus; engage in the battles and be sustained by the power of prayer.

A battle that is long eventually brings to mind the question: what is the point? Is there any good purpose in me enduring these battles at all? We become blind to everything except what we see in front of us, the short view; we again, lose our focus. We easily forget that engaging in a battle is for the long haul; you can’t just quit in the middle, we must fight until the end comes – until the long view is more obvious. Each of our hard struggles has a duration for a purpose. Again, we need to pray and give it all to Jesus; ask for sight into the purpose and be lifted up by the power of prayer.

What is prayer? It is a process of relinquishing control. It is putting all your trust in Jesus for the power, stamina, and wisdom needed to continue on in the battles we face. I hope you will consider turning your battles over to the Lord, so you don’t lose! With God, all things are possible and with God, you are victorious, no matter what! Keep your focus where it belongs: all eyes on Jesus.

I do not know what your specific battle is right now. Mine has been a struggle with motivation. Motivation to keep writing my story to encourage others; to keep writing to engage others into deeper thought as the battles rage on. Just recently, I have put my fingers to the keys and played out the musical dance of words onto the screen. Below is a book I have contributed to, in effort to spur you all on to write, speak, and share your stories. Please check this out and consider obtaining a copy on Amazon!